Project qualifications – what are they?

Project qualifications involve you producing a piece of coursework on a topic of your choice.

They're usually studied full-time at school or college alongside other qualifications, such as GCSEs or A levels.

Project qualifications are available at Levels 1, 2 and 3 on the National Qualifications Framework.

How are Foundation and Higher Project assessed?

The Edexcel Level 1 Foundation Project and Edexcel Level 2 Higher Project are stand-alone qualifications worth half a GCSE.

Studying the Foundation or Higher Project, you'll create one piece of coursework on a topic of your choice. These qualifications have been designed so that you can choose a project title which either relates to a subject you are currently studying or, with your teacher's approval, a topic in which you have a personal interest or passion - for example, a TV programme or hobby.

You are marked on your ability to plan, manage, complete and review your project.